Friday, November 5, 2010


If you're anything like me, you find yourself, at times, overwhelmed with books.  I have such a hard time passing up a good bargain and my family loves to read!  We all have such varying tastes and some books, (more than we care to admit) we want to keep and read again.  See, in reading certain books we develop a sort of relationship with them.  Sometimes there's hi-lighting, underlining, circling, etc.  There are books on the shelves, in closets, in both short term and long term storage and we move so often, it can be difficult to keep up with where a certain book is.  In addition to collecting books, I am a spreadsheet addict!  So, you can imagine that my solution was to do the spreadsheet thing to track my books.  Don't get me wrong, it works great!   But, I was given the pleasure of reviewing COLLECTORZ and it is a wonderful tool to keep track of all your books, where they are, rate it, etc.  It truly is a program worth purchasing!

The program made entry of your collection a breeze!  All you have to do is type in the ISBN and it will pull the rest of the information for you, thereby eliminating several steps and saving you time!  There's even a scanner available that would make it even simpler.  Can you imagine?!  That is like a book junky's dream! 

Now, you're probably saying, oh, okay, your physical books can be inventoried and then you can only access it on your computer.  The program goes a step further!  Not only can you do physical books, but ebooks and audio books.  Yes, yes, read that line again, it's no typo and I really meant what I said.  And to address the computer part....they have a mobile app version and online versions as well as the PC or MAC!  I received The Collectorz: Book Database Software Pro version to review.  You can purchase it for $49.95 at their website.  So, I've given you some pretty interesting information about the program, but I want you to do some research yourself.

The last little tidbit (pretty phenomenal actually) I'll mention is that they have programs for Music, Movie, Comic, Game, MP3 and Photo!  I'm looking into the other ones too, cuz, holy cow, can you imagine how organized you could be?  WOW!  And just to entice you a little, here's a snapshot of the Collectorz: Book Database Software Pro version.  When you buy one of these great programs, be sure to come back and post how you like it!

*These opinions are my own.  I was given the product to review to tell how I honestly feel!*