Friday, October 8, 2010

Product Review: Digital Frog International

How many times have you wished that you had the money and/or time to take your kids on a field trip to better understand the subject you were teaching?!  You just knew if they had the opportunity to experience it, to make the connections between what you're teaching and the real world, that they would "get it" and remember it!  Well, that's what this product is about, The Digital Field Trip Series.  A disc to pop into your computer, both Windows and MacIntosh friendly, that takes you on a magical journey to The Wetlands, The Rainforest, and The Desert.  And, it's not just a disc to sit down and watch, it's interactive!  Researchers have shown that we can remember things better if a majority of our senses are involved in the learning process and Digital Frog accomplishes just that!  Visually stimulating, auditory (hearing) content, tactile (touch/hands on) through the use of the mouse throughout the "field trip" and it's interesting!  Dare I say, FUN?!  Yes!  Having fun is one of our favorites for learning.

We really enjoyed The Desert series because we were already studying the desert, it's animals, how it affects people and how we affect the desert.  The digital field trip series just took it a step further!  You can get a copy of all 3 for $125.00, a $180.00 value.  Just click on the link above, 'The Digital Field Trip Series.  If you would like to read more TOS reviews, please click here.

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