Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Talking Fingers: Read, Write, Type!

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Read, Write, Type program by Talking Fingers!  Actually, my son had more of the pleasure than I, since it was created to teach the kiddos, but I was permitted to watch.  (giggle)  Are you wondering what its purpose is?  Honestly, this one is just as simple as it sounds only jam packed with fun and interactivity.

This program is an amazing computer based journey for kids Kinder through 3rd grade.  Its purpose is to teach kids to read, write and type.  However, it also teaches the proper finger placement on the keys, has incredibly fun characters to cheer and sometimes, persuade children to keep learning.  The fun games and sound effects enhance the learning experience and keep kids wanting more.  The characters give friendly reminders to "power up", this means to get your hands in the correct positions and your fingers on the home row keys.  The program is step by step for the kids and all their senses are used in the learning process.  My son was so excited to learn with this program each day that he would anxiously ask in the morning if he could do Read, Write, Type first!  Now, that's a program worth having! 

To try out a demo of the program, just go to the site.  It's a wonderful value for your money with a starting price of $35.00 per student.  To read more TOS reviews, you can go here.

*I was given this product free of charge and these opinions are my own*

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  1. My six year old still asks about this program.I'm stopping by on the TOS crew blog walk.